Cryptoticker by DREAD.CZ

The ticker

When a picture is worth a thousand words...

Onemorepicture 2nd picture

Picture of ticker 3rd picture

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Key features

  • getting data over WiFi from Bitfinex websocket api
  • captive portal configuration
  • USB power (from phone charger, PC, powerbank...)
  • able to show price and 24hr change of up to 16 trading pairs
  • customizable display brightness and display update speed
  • Arduino firmware available on Github

How to get it?

  • send me an email to, please put "Cryptoticker" into subject
  • price 5mBTC + shipping (from Czech Republic)

... or buy few arduino components and buid it yourself, sources available on Github.

What is it made from

  • arduino ESP8266 module
  • 2x MAX7219 8digit 7segment module
  • plastic box & microUSB cable

ESP8266 arduino board MAX7219 display