ESP12-F reset and flash button hack


I wanted to play with nodeMCU during weekend, but I had no buttons for reset / flash and I found shorting pins with a piece of wire very annoying. There were pieces of wires cutted from resistors (used for RESET pullup and GPIO15 pulldown) on the table infront of me... Why not use them to make very simple buttons?


This is exactly the case when picture is better than thousand words - 3 pictures = 3000 words? :-)

ESPbuttonhack01 ESPbuttonhack02 ESPbuttonhack03

Idea is simple - metal case of the ESP is grounded, piece of wire is making "a button". In default positions wire shoud be just above the metal case, but not touching it. When you press the wire, it simply touches the ESP's metal case and pin become LOW. If you release it, it stops touching the metal case and pin become HIGH again :-)


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